Digital posters


  • Traffic safety.The use of flashing, blinking or deliberately startling animations/effects/elements in the design is prohibited. It is forbidden to show content that looks like the entire design is in constant movement. A digital billboard cannot display more than one high-contrast (or switching between opposing hues of a colour scheme) background change per 10 seconds.
  • Duration of the digital billboard. Each digital billboard lasts for 10 seconds. To ensure that billboards run smoothly, a fade-in and fade-out should be added to each digital billboard. One fade should consist of 10 frames.
  • Product identifiability.Make sure the name of your brand or product is easily readable.
  • Short message.Keep your message short – up to ten words.
  • Try it out! Look at your advertisement from a five metre distance. Move five metres away from your computer to see what the advertisement would look like on the street or in a shopping mall.
  • If the copy isn’t easily readable for you, it won’t be for a person driving a car or passing by the billboard.
  • Avoid white background.In order for the display to look white, all three light colour primaries (red, blue, green) will shine at the maximum level of brightness. White background starts to compete with the copy and other design elements of the billboard and thus takes the attention away from the actual advertising.


Digiekraanid must confirm all advertising material as suitable for use in their channels.


  • Tourest

  • Maks & Moorits

  • Coca-Cola

  • MyFitness

  • McDonalds Maestro Premium

  • Tallink

  • Lux Express

  • Coop Pank

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