Technical information


Screen File size Format
Ekraan landscape, Lõunakeskus sise LED 1920 x 1080 JPG, MP4
Ekraan portrait 1080 x 1920 JPG, MP4
Radisson Blu Sky LED, Kadaka LED 960 x 1440 JPG, MP4
Ülemiste LED 480 x 1200 JPG, MP4
Ülemiste sise LED 1280 x 384 JPG, MP4
Astri LED 768 x 416 JPG, MP4
Lasnamäe Centrum LED, Järve LED (audio), Peterburi Tee LED, Kaubamajakas LED (audio), Foorum LED (audio), Sikupilli LED (audio), Mustamäe Keskus LED (Audio), Pärnu Keskus LED, Ülemiste City LED, Tallinn LED 1440 x 720 JPG, MP4
Lõunakeskus LED (audio) 960 x 480 JPG, MP4
Villardi LED, Olümpia LED, Viimsi Keskus LED, Maakri LED, Auriga LED 720 x 1440 JPG, MP4
Tartu mnt. 64 LED 720 x 480 JPG, MP4
Postimaja sise LED 768 x 768 JPG, MP4
Postimaja videosein 7640 x 540 JPG, MP4
Solaris LED 768 x 576 JPG, MP4
Fama LED 320 x 256 JPG, MP4
Kvartali LED 1248 x 576 JPG, MP4
Aleksandri LED 720 x 576 JPG, MP4
Silla LED 450 x 1350 JPG, MP4
Nautica LED 3168 x 288 JPG, MP4
Solaris sise-LED, Lift 1-2 (kahe küljega) 1664 x 1280 JPG, MP4
Solaris sise-LED, Lift 5 (kolme külje ja lifti uksega) 2880 x 1344 JPG, MP4

The maximum length of broadcasting is 10 seconds!

Minimum bitrate is 10 Mbit/s.

Please upload your advertisement materials to Dropbox and forward the link to your project manager.

You can use an FTP server as an alternative (please avoid accented characters).



Password: Digimon7

If you have any additional questions, please give your project manager a call.

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